St. Augustine – Band of Horses

So my computer has too much music on it for me to know every song (I’m talking almost 6000 songs people and this computer is only a year old, although I did transfer music from my old computer). I have a loving relationship with the Ann Arbor public library which means I get lots of CDs and add them without fully listening to each song. I first heard of Band of Horses with the song Funeral (don’t really know where I heard the song) so I got the CD. Then my sister came up with this cool way of making a playlist. You a) choose a theme, b) choose a title to match the theme and c) find songs that go with the theme. My theme was days so I titled my playlist Jour of the Day (day in french ). I started searching through my itunes library and went with monday, tuesday, etc and then started doing weeks and months. When I searched August I got St. Augustine.

I love this song and the playlist that came with it. The opening guitar is incredible and I have been trying to learn it (I am having trouble finding a tab online). Listen and enjoy Band of Horses!

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One Response to St. Augustine – Band of Horses

  1. Great song. I have to find that band on iTunes! Thanks for sharing

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